CaON Projects

Ongoing Projects

Logo Project Acronym Instrument Project Title
ACCORDANCE STREPA converged copper-optical-radio OFDMA-based access network with high capacity and flexibilityWebsite
CHRON STREPCognitive techniques find its way into the Optical NetworksWebsite
CONTENT STREPConvergence of wireless Optical Network and iT rEsources iN supporT of cloud servicesWebsite
DISCUS FP7The DIStributed Core for unlimited bandwidth supply for all Users and ServicesWebsite
ETICS IPEconomics and Technologies for Inter-Carrier ServicesWebsite
FISI CSAFuture Integral SatCom InitativeWebsite
GEYSERS IPGeneralised architEcture for dYnamic infraStructure sERvicesWebsite
MAINS STREPMetro Architectures enablINg Sub-wavelengthsWebsite
Multi-Base STREPMulti-Base - Scalable Multi-tasking Baseband for Mobile CommunicationsWebsite
OASE IPOptical Access Seamless EvolutionWebsite
ONE STREPTowards Automated Interactions between the Internet and the Carrier-Grade Management EcosystemsWebsite
SODALES STREPSOftware-Defined Access using Low-Energy SubsystemsWebsite
STRONGETST IPScalable Tunable and Resilient Optical Networks Guaranteeing Extremely-high Speed TransportWebsite
TREND NoETowards Real Energy-efficient Network DesignWebsite
WHERE2 STREPWireless Hybrid Enhanced Mobile Radio Estimators - Phase 2Website

Finished Projects

Logo Project Acronym Instrument Project Title
ALPHA IPArchitectures for flexible Photonics Home and Access networksWebsite
BONE NoEBuilding the Future Optical Network in EuropeWebsite
C-CAST STREPContext Casting (creation of context awareness and multicasting technologies)Website
DICONET STREPDynamic Impairment Constraint Networking for Transparent Mesh Optical NetworksWebsite
ETNA STREPEthernet Transport Networks, Architectures of NetworkingWebsite
FIVER STREPFully-Converged Quintuple-Play Integrated Optical-Wireless Access ArchitecturWebsite
FUTON IPFibre optic networks for distributed, heterogeneous radio architectures and service provisioningWebsite
ReDeSign STREPDeveloping cable network architectures & technologies for the near & distant futurWebsite
SARDANA STREPScalable Advanced Ring-based passive Dense Access Network ArchitectureWebsite
SFERA CSAStructural Funds for European Regional Research AdvcancementWebsite


FP7 Future Networks Clusters

CaON is only 1 of the 3 clusters of FP7-projects within the unit of "Future Networks"